Will you dare to climb up the stairs and discover your brain?

‘indeBOVENkamer’ is a new crossmedia mini-event inside an attic room in the Lombokstraat in Amsterdam.
It's an experience that will tickle all your senses, created out of the same conceptual input by artists, musicians and cooks.
Through the collaboration of an artist, a cook and a musician the attic room is turned into a space for creativity.

I was asked to be the visual artist in the first edition of indeBOVENkamer #1 - ARTISTIC FREEDOM
For this project I am exploring our brain. I will reconstruct a brain inside the attic room. This installation will exist under the title I Am Your Brain and you can be the first to experience it.

DATE: Sunday 31 march
TIME: 16.00 - 17.30 / 18.00 - 19.00 uur
WHAT: Musicians Maya&Adrian, 'make the world a better place-' cook Marleen Smit, and visual artist Lies Aris, take you by the hand and lead you through the dark and mysterious waves in their brain.
PRICE: 22,50 euro (incl. all drinks and foods that are offered in different forms and shapes)


Pending Family

Forming a multi colored exciting family i am striving to create a beautiful and safe family circle. Families are changing. I am documenting and researching this fact, and the project started out with a sculpture. Wood, Steel, and Pending family members who can be placed 'anywhere in the construction'. ;)

Rough Diamonds/ Ruwe Diamanten | exhibition in Nieuwendam

Accompanying the story-newspaper De Nieuwendammer on the 30st of april there was an opening of the exhibition Ruwe Diamanten: revealing the soul of Nieuwendam through the stories of some of their inhabitants. Fotos by the amazing Eddy Bosland. Stories and initiative by Lies Aris/ Storyshop. Graphic design by Superearth.

Storyline: sculpture of books & book cover poem