This is my book that was published especially for the Feelgood festival, at Sexyland Amsterdam on the first of June.  You can still purchase it, just drop a line at
FEELGOOD tells the story of a girl named
Emolie: a character - driven by a long list of motivational quotes, who, in search of the meaning of life ends up in one adventure after another. Sometimes she is successful, sometimes a failure.

This tiny little novel is a typical coming of age drama.  I reads as a collection of scenes from a chaotic life with raw

These were the specially designed happy coins that were distributed at Feelgood festival - 1st of June  in Sexyland, Amsterdam. This was a new manifestation in the serie Feelgood art works and a follow up to the Feelgood video, in which Eva was playing another role than was originally scripted for her in the original bible story. As an artist I try to rewrite history.... when I feel there's parts of it that need an update.