This is my book that was published especially for the Feelgood festival, at Sexyland Amsterdam on the first of June.  You can still purchase it, just drop a line at
FEELGOOD tells the story of a girl named
Emolie: a character - driven by a long list of motivational quotes, who, in search of the meaning of life ends up in one adventure after another. Sometimes she is successful, sometimes a failure.

This tiny little novel is a typical coming of age drama.  I reads as a collection of scenes from a chaotic life with raw

These were the specially designed happy coins that were distributed at Feelgood festival - 1st of June  in Sexyland, Amsterdam. This was a new manifestation in the serie Feelgood art works and a follow up to the Feelgood video, in which Eva was playing another role than was originally scripted for her in the original bible story. As an artist I try to rewrite history.... when I feel there's parts of it that need an update. 

ExChAnGiNg tHe PeN fOr A PaInTBrUsH

As a writer I have interviewed and written portraits about people who work at the Van Gogh Museum last year. From curators, to marketing people, to HRM girls, to museumshop managers .... you name it. This was a huge commissioned assignment in 2018. But also autonomously I have portrayed many people from Amsterdam in my neighbourhood portrayal projects the last years.

After all these stories I wanted to exchange the pen for a pencil and a painting brush and I started portraying people in paint, charcoal or pastel this year and will continue to do so in 2019. As a more 3-Dimensional maker I started out being rubbish at it, but hopefully I'll be able to show something worth the look at the coming year.

It's a process. Continuously studying...

[La bella italiana, bored by posing]

[my first painted hands 2018]

[waiting for an escape possibility from the AZC 2018]

[the Scottish girl who used to be a rebel but now is a lady 2018]