Videowork Paradise Lost part of the Labour's of Love expo

 Setpicture by Margot van Ham/ actress: Wynn Heliczer / artwork/ idea/ script/ video and installation by me.

My short film Paradise Lost is featured at this expo. It aims to show what could happen if Eva was in charge right from the start: in paradise. Would Paradise then be lost? Feel welcome! 

The opening is on 2nd of November/ Opening program

18:30 Introduction of the exhibition by the curator Rachel Walker-Konno
19:00 Performance Embodied Reverence: Weaving Feminism, Spirituality and Earth by Ocean Gezina and Daria Fedorchenko
20:00 Performance I will eat your HATRED by Tomoni Shintaku
20:30 Spoken word performance Softer.. no.. softer! by Divine Nonbinary
21:00 Artists’s tour
22:00 Performance the Witch’s Interrogation of Rachel Walker-Konno

More about the work:

Welcome in Paradise is a videowork and installation that adresses the importance of welcoming (climate crisis) asylum seekers instead of being hostile and focussing on the refusal of refugees in the Netherlands. Lies Aris rewrote the Genesis story, giving Eva the power. Eva, as the archetypal mother figure wants to take care of human race and nature. Instead of sending p[eoplke away: her style of leadeship is welcoming and kind. She represents a new style of leadership. Matriarchy above Patriarchy.