Tactile sculptures in the making

21st of April 2021: expo opening Gallery Cultural Speech at The Basement

On the 21st of April 2021 a new exhibit by Karin Balog and Lies Aris opens it‘s doors in The Basement


On the Gallery

Gallery Cultural speech has been through a lot in the past ten years. Freedom as a theme has always been central to the exhibits. The gallery’s existence has been questioned oftentimes. The gallery had been broken into and art has been destroyed which filled the past decennium with ups and downs.

On Peggy, the gallery owner 

The exhibits Peggy has brought to the gallery have touched upon social understanding and making sense of the world around us. Who are we as humans and how do we shape autonomy? What are out boundaries? What is Freedom? 

Together with Karin Balog and Lies Aris Gallery Cultural Speech explores identity in The Basement.

On Balog's work

Balog has decided to experiment with identity. She scrutinizes her own identity and the MC1R gen, which makes her hair red. How do people talk about this and are there other mechanisms that undermine or even imitate peculiar results of Biodiversity? How do we feel about metamorphosis, mimicry and cultural appropriation? Assigning worth or order on the basis of color still does not appear taboo.

It's on me - do you feel me?

So what am I exploring? Questioning the quality of contact between us humans, I am creating an extended scenery of tactile sculptures and stories under the title Do You Feel Me? For this exhibition I'm trying to find a way to regain some of the quality contact we've lost. As a monument to touch and connection, I have created tactile sculptures that are meant to be touched. Just put some gloves on:)

Physical contact is a bare necessity. As digitalization and Covid push us further apart, now that we are surrounded by screens and blue light: How can we connect with one-another? Do you feel me?