Where does the smoke come from?

I have been a very naughty blogger. And certainly NOT a daily blogger, although the daily life of my things and surroundings haven't been static at all! Oooooh but. You know how it gets!

Anyhow: here's a quick update... I have been fascinated and obsessed again by people passing me by in a certain specific area of Amsterdam: de Zuidas. Look, here's some of them. Their pictures were taken by Eddy Bosland again.

I thought of the shining metal and glass towers, of the hurry all the business people seem to have, of the lack of warmth of concrete. And then i thought: these Zuidas people need to read about eachother and get to know eachother. And i thought it should be something like this:

This time the wannabe Manhattan - financial heart of our sweet city - the Zuidas, was inspiration for a year long strolling the streets and searching for leads to stories. We think it's very metropolitan out there, with it's high skyscrapers and busy grey suits, talkin in cell phones and looking at computer screens. You true metropolitans from far away can laugh at us though.
This area doesn't seem all that human but hey: once you see smoke circling up you'll find people to talk to....

A new portrait paper is published and distributed times 20.000 through the whole area.
It is about humans. (i only like humans, strange looking plants, animals and bleepy music).

The exhibition will open 12 september at OLD SCHOOL Gaasterlandstraat 3-5 in Amsterdam. Pop by if you can! A newspaper will await you, some smoke, some skyscraper... etcetera.

You can read the newspaper here!