AsKeD As a CuRaToR

Just before christmas 2015, the arts commission of PMB - project management office Amsterdam: an office where many people are busy 'planning and building the city' asked me to be a curator for some 7 months for their arts space. A nice assignment that triggered rethinking my relationship with the city of Amsterdam. My hometown.

I am a natural born dreamer, a contrary escapist ├índ a natural born Amsterdammer who is obsessed by the city and her inhabitants. I get my inspiration from humans in city streets, from dreams and from peoples’ relentless search for paradise. So i came to this ~

Short sketch of the exhibition Paradise Lost.

Are you escaping from the city, or to it?
What paradise are people searching for? What does it look like? Is it the most beautiful and calming place, with lush nature and tranquility?
In big cities the artificial nature and the many different cultural identities reveal a new urban paradise. Is it a paradise? Maybe seventeenthe century writer John Milton, who at the end of his life, half dead and blind wrote Lost Paradise, was right?
Looking at today’s dreadful problems regarding refugees and hosting them safely… How decadent is this tendency for escapism then?
The city of Amsterdam: paradise for refugees? But a place to flee from for all citizens with their burned out brains, mindfullness apps and social media addictions.

Overexposure of… everything…. damages humans and society. As an artist, a writer and a curator of this exhibition i want to show work that confronts us with these tensions, that functions as a beautiful hiding place, a story in which one can live, all the while asking oneselves if one really feels at home there. Images can be utopian, escapist dreamscapes as well, fleeing harsh reality.